My Dose of Love..

“It’s still 20 minutes for the sun to set , I said .” The direction where the sun sets usually has changed , it sets behind the mountains now . “ he responded. I looked around, “There are more people of our age today than the youngsters and it’s quiet today “.’Oh! the people are quiet but the sea is talking “, my mind replied. We lived near the Atlantic Ocean for eight years ,and have been living near the Pacific Ocean for the last five years . I talked to myself.The mind gets busy comparing our lives on the two coasts .

Our usual observations of life around us at Butterfly Beach, Montecito while watching Sun Sets. This has been our thing to do since last year on some weekends. Walking on the beach and then sharing the ice cream cone of “HONEY ALMOND CRUNCH” at “Rori’s Artisanal Creamery”.I have noticed different moods of the Ocean. Sometimes her mood matched with mine and other times we both were in our own moods. Like today the ocean was loud,, high tides making little mountains. The ocean was at its fullest point on the beach. We noticed that there wasn’t much sand to walk on and the waves are breaking close to the shore or at the top of the beach

I call it “Enjoying the experiences of life at Sunset on the Ocean”.’The kids getting all soaked on the beach as the waves rushed towards and broke into their sandcastles. Surfer making themselves ready to get into the waves. A young couple just standing and getting wet slowly moving forward in the water. That’s when it happened, I looked to my right. She was standing next to me with her front legs on the railing watching the Sunset with me. .Oh! I whispered with a surprise.” “She is Maya, she wants to stand next to you and watch the sunset .”A man(the owner) in his 50’s said. As the thought to take his permission occurred to me I heard , “Yes you can pat her “.Maya with her most adorable face and her most loving eyes was waiting to give all her love and receive mine . I pat her and she came closer to me, I was told that was her favorite spot to stand and watch the ocean. Then Maya left to meet with her other friends standing on the other side of the railing. As we turned towards the parking lot to leave ,we saw Maya cuddling and leaning to a woman with her little boy. Giving them their dose of love.

We came back with memories of the glowing beauty of the sun, the taste of honey and almond, and hearts filled with the love of Maya!!